About Rudy Wolff

Norwegian Rudy Wolff (born 1973) makes one-of-a-kind couture garments. Educated in both cultural history and i.a. marketing her innovative creativity is but a reflection of her background and numerous interests.
Photo below: Phelan Marc, DC Fashion Week, February 2012

A multifaceted background


The past, the present, and the future united in one person


Rudy Wolff is also educated a stylist. Since her debut in 2009 she has shown her creations in New Delhi, New York, Washington D.C., Paris, and London. From 2012 she has worked independently on combined fashion and art projects: Wolff is also a keen photographer and has a blog and a very active Pinterest account on aesthetics and joie de vivre.

The designer travels through time creatively and regards both the past, present and imagined future as a horn of plenty from where she can mix her own unique style, made out of materials and techniques as various as jersey, wool, leather, silk, taffeta, polyester, satin, brocade, golden and silver embroideries, lace, pearls and beads, sequins, glass, mirrors, leather, spikes, and chains ...

The design is i.a. inspired by antique paintings, period dramas, silver screen and sci fi movies, as well as photography from the past and present fashion scenes. The inspirational sources vary from the most the most extravagant courts and decadent Victorian milieux to innocent romanticism and preppy modernism, even the dark and demonic.  The designer is also influenced by the futuristic, including retro-futurism and unites streetwear with couture in Wolffman by Rudy Wolff, launched in London in 2013.

Collections & fashion projects


Rudy Wolff has shown her creations in Oslo, New Delhi, New York, Washington D.C., Paris and London. So far.

She debuted with a potpourri of various historical influences at Oslo Fashion Week in February 2009, followed by a new, simpler collection, "Vanity Fair", at i.a. Oslo Fashion Fair and India International Fashion Week in December the same year. In February 2010 she launched uniform inspired Wolffman items at her "Imperivm" show, while later collections like "Dark Dawn" and "Golden Dawn" combine the simplistic with bead extravaganza. The first menswear appeared already in 2010 with "Imperivm", and in 2012, the inspiration for an entire men´s collection, "Love & War", came to her in Paris. The historic theme was back again during her retrospective fashion/costume show "With History As Inspiration" in the large baroque church of Kongsberg in 2013, followed by her first solo exhibition. Two later exhibitions were dedicated respectively the dark and demonic and the beauty of winter, the latter also presented in Paris during its fashion week in March 2018. See her portfolio under More for pictures and further information.