Collections & fashion projects 2009-2011:

A/W 2011 Dark Dawn

This collection combines eco-friendliness with stylish couture: "Dark Dawn" is made out of Rudy Wolff Victorian costume parts and redesigned catwalk garments as well as modern ecological fabrics. The Norwegian public got two sneak peaks of it already in 2010: Ending the "Classical Fashion I" show in February 2010 and the midnight blue "Queen of the ocean" beads and silk dress shown on stage in connection with the Miss Norway finale in August the same year. Rich in details, but far more discreet in color tonesthan previous collections, "Dark Dawn" was shown in Oslo, New York city, and Washington DC February 2011..

A/W 2010 Imperivm

Shown among columns at the Norwegian theatre museum in Oslo, February 2010, this collection includes menswear and is inspired by antiquity, the Napoleonic wars, the British empire, and the Russian czars, as well as strategic computer games and sci-fi like "Dune", hence the name Imperivm. The colors are mainly red, navy blue, black and white, with softer colors on several of the women´s outfits. One of the uniform jackets was shown on national TV even before its completion, while another appeared on the Norwegian Grammy awards Spelemannsprisen shortly after. The last outfit of the show in February, a luxurious "Russian caviar" pearl jacket with a stylized Romanov eagle was also the first of the planned A/W 2011 collection Dark Dawn.

S/S 2010 Vanity Fair

Displayed at Oslo Fashion Fair in August (Vanity Fair part I) and India International Fashion Week in December 2009 (part II, the luxury edition), Vanity Fair is a playful, more simplistic & ultra feminine collection mainly inspired by the Empire era, the 1960s to 1980s, and Walt Disney classics. The main colors of this summer evening wear collection are mango yellow, pink, sky blue, and lilac, while the designs enhance the female figure. A remixed version of Vanity Fair with some Imperivm garments was shown in connection with the Miss Norway 2010 finale show. The fashion show part of the event was called Mixed Candy.


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