Collections & fashion/art projects 2017-2020:

#ArtIt (seasonless)

Rudy Wolff celebrates her her 10th anniversary as a fashion designer by creating a combined brand and art society in Oslo, #ArtIt, merging urban art with urban clothing and placing it on the local music scene. The streetwear brand is the first of its kind concentrating on curated contemporary art delivered print on demand. The products are basic garments adorned with Oslo art all over, produced in EU and delivered directly via mail to the individual customer.

Starting with the four Oslo-connected artists Adrian Platkovsky, Rachel Wolfe, I.T. Hammar, and P. Wang, the #ArtIt collaboration will be crowdfunded via DnB Startskudd throughout February and March 2019 and officially launched before Easter with an event in Oslo. #ArtIt will also be represented during one of the big four fashion weeks as a collaboration project with another upcoming, local artist. Also sponsoring the planned Futurum festival in January 2020, #ArtIt is more than just another fashion brand.

Models: Petter & Vegard, Oslo, Norway
Styling: Rudy Wolff
Photography: Rudy Wolff, Wolff Vision
Location: Oslo, Norway

The Brightest Day (seasonless)

With the Winter solo exhibition (Laagdals-museet, Kongsberg, February 2015) as the starting point, this icy unisex project later evolved into the photo shoot Three Princes for Cinderella (Château Liblice, Czechia, February 2017), before fusioning with Futurum and ending up on the runway during Paris Fashion Week under the label The Brightest Day in March 2018. With its extensive beading, the six outfits alone took 3800 hours to create. Click to see full-size images.

Model: Dominik K., Eskimo Bohemia
Styling: Rudy Wolff
Photography: Rudy Wolff, Wolff Vision
Location: Château Liblice, Czech Republic 

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