An international fashion artist



Norwegian-born fashion designer Rudy Wolff makes one-of-a-kind couture garments for both men and women.
Her innovative creativity combined with the often historic references is a reflection of her background: Wolff has one master in history, literature, and art history, and one in innovation and marketing. She is educated a fashion stylist and keeps an open eye on current trends while also being inspired by the future.
The designer is located in Oslo, but with her global mindset she has shown her creations in inter alia New Delhi, New York, Washington D.C., Paris, and London since her 2009 debut.
Wolff also writes and paints, and is a keen photographer. She has a blog and an active Pinterest account on aesthetics and joie de vivre for your inspiration, besides presence at Instagram and Twitter
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A Variety of Materials & Techniques
Vintage, repurposed, ecolological, synthetic ... glass beads, small mirrors, reflexes ...                hand painted, spray painted, printed ...
hand sewn, machine made, embroidered ...
A true couturier
​Commisions from 100 000 NOK ($ 12,000) with full artistic freedom only: Theater & movie costumes, stage performances, concerts & DJ gigs, creative commercials & high end costume balls. - For those who have the guts, means & the style, Rudy Wolff can create it!