Womenswear by Rudy Wolff


Rudy Wolff specialized in womenswear long before her debut at Oslo Fashion Week in 2009 and also the first years after. Her couture garments vary from simplistic, 1960s inspired cocktail party fun to lavish costumes à la Marie Antoinette and was showed at no less than three continents within the first two years. Her women´s creations have also been frequently used in photo shoots and at fashion events in Oslo, Norway. The feminine items have no defined "target group", as Rudy Wolff is about fashion art, not dress making for the upper classes. - Both a 16-year-old and an elderly duchess can wear aRudy Wolff outfit. Wolff creates according to her own inspiration and is into the scene for self expression. And the fun ...

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Oslo Fashion Awards, February 2011
DC Fashion Week, February 2011
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